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The Challenge of Free Speech On University Campuses

I am a University student working on my Associates in communications. I have had a great experience during my time at the University that I attend online. One of the standards that I have always thought was lifted high at Universites is free speech and academic freedom; I have found this not to always be the case. I am currently is two classes which make up one block (as they are called) and I only have one more block of classes before I earn my first degree.

One of my classes is about doing research and writing credible stories on such topics as free speech, the evolution of the American family, and Federal government power vs State government powers. All of these are potentially confrontational topics to say the least. I was hoping that in this class there would be rational strong debate on each of our prospective topics; after some dialog with my instructor on grading questions and a couple of challenging debates between her and I, I have been told that any debate that is confrontational will not be permitted in class? Really?

I first began having challenges with my instructor when I received my first paper back with a correct word being corrected with a word that doesn’t even exist in the English language, it went something like this. Teacher corrected this statement, “I chose this topic (First Amendment) because of how important it is to our liberty as a free society.” Teacher corrected the sentence, “I chosed this topic…” Yes you did read that right. Teacher corrected “chose” to “chosed” by adding the “d” at the end of chose. I brought this up in my feedback private forum for teachers and students. Teacher just ignored it and moved on.

I know that this is just one instance of English spelling correction, after all it could be a fluke, right? Well not so fast. As I looked over my graded paper I started to notice that my APA (American Psychological Association) formating was incorrect. I certainly want to be advised and corrected when I am writing a paper, after all I am in the business of writing. The next challenge I brought up with my teacher was the simple little fact that I was following the APA writing guide to the letter; I even included the section to emphasize my point. That didn’t go over too well. Teacher let me know in no uncertain words that she knew APA standards and I was still in error (this after tell me that I needed to cite the textbook, even though I referenced the course syllabus.)

This story becomes even more interesting as time moves forward in this class. I will be writing more on this subject later, but now I have to go and ger a beer and smoke a nice cigar.




Without Repentance, The Bill of Rights and Constitution Do Not Matter

I have been listening, reading, and debating the gun control issue for some time now. I have also done the same with our right to freedom of speech. One thing that many do not seem to understand, is the real cause of a violent society, violence against each other, and violence of our government against the people.

Yes, the U.S. Constitutional, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence are fantastic and our society is unique in all the earth, but none of this matters unless we understand a very simple text, “Righteousness strengthens a nation, but lawlessness is the bane of any intelligent, rational society.” (a paraphrase of Old Testament Scripture.)

America is not nor every has been a “Christian” nation if one is to actually study the history of the Christian Faith. America was not designed to be a Christian nation based upon the fact that the first amendment of the Constitution says very clearly,

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Now from the very beginning, our founding fathers made it very clear that there could never be a law or set of laws that endorse nor prohibit the free exercise of ones faith whatever that may be. Yes, the founders of America were men of character, used the ten commandments to guide their daily lives, but they also had diverse beliefs and convictions on the questions of God, Church, salvation, Jesus et al. What was amazing in all of this is the fact that they all knew this, and because they also knew how we humans in our fallen state can be, they put into place a “law of the land” that would allow for real life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… for all mankind (more on this latter.)

All of our rights, all of our liberties, all of our freedoms depend on our moral character as a nation period. If we as a government from the police officer to the President choose to infringe upon the people’s life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness, then this is a character of immorality. If we as a people in our families, businesses, and communities choose to infringe on our neighbors life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, then we are an immoral people. This is the same for the unborn child in their mother’s womb, who has no way to protect its life and is at the mercy of their own mother.

If My People…will turn from their wicked ways

We as a people have not only turned and looked the other way when our neighbor’s religious liberty was taken away through taking prayer out of public schools, or castigate parents who will not allow their children to be vaccinated by vaccines that cause brain damage, and kill, we have become immoral. As the saying goes,

All that is needed for evil to prevail, is for good people to do nothing.

For far too long, we as a people have turned our backs on each other, neighbor fights against neighbor over petty things

The Coming Challenge

Many of us are concerned about what is going on all around us, after all, there are many voices talking about financial destruction, our liberties like free speech, freedom of the press, and the right to live out our religion in the way our conscience dictates are all facing attacks from a authoritarian government. Some will say that I also need to focus on the second amendment, and I agree that all the of the Bill of Rights are equally, imperative, and vital to our life, liberty, and the pursuit of our happiness; I would say that nothing else matters, as long as religious tradition cannot freely be practiced without molestation.

There are enough voices out there that are getting the word out about our second amendment rights being violated, about the first and second parts of the the first amendment (free speech, freedom of the press) and the NSA, FBI, CIA, and whatever alphabet government organization that is attacking our fourth amendment rights et al, but when it comes to the freedom of religion, the focus becomes very divided. This is where this blog is going to focus, but simply practicing those religious liberties that are only found in our Constitutional Republic.


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Facebook Face Plants Fire Arms Gun Shop Owner’s Facebook Page!

According to, Facebook once again decides that freedom of speech, and the second amendment are theirs to decide who can and who can’t say what they want, or a gun shop owner to have a contest that offers a free AR-15 and security equipment worth $10,000.00. The owner of Mckee Sport in Pennsylvania, Mr. Erik Lowery found out on Friday April 19, 2013 that his Facebook page with 20,000 fans was shut down with a message from Facebook stating that, “you account has been deactivated.” This is another fine example of Facebook who claims to be all about first amendment rights, tearing down the first and second amendment rights of those who use Facebook. Mr. Lowery is losing thousands every day while he is trying to get Facebook to reactivate his business Mckee Sports. Rest of story here


At approximately 11:30pm the Modesto Police got a call of a 211 (armed robbery) and the suspects were fleeing the scene. As the MPD was in chase, the suspects began shooting at the police as was heard over the police scanner. The current situation is that the MPD has set up a parameter from the Whitmore exit and Highway 99. More updates as they come in.

UPDATE: SWAT Has been called in and suspect may have ran into an apartment complex within the parameter that covers, Hacket, Railroad, Witmore and 99. Possible apartment name is the Redwoods apartments, will update if this is incorrect.

Barbara “The Bigot” Boxer Trying To Pass Racist Legislation!

Public Servant Barbara Boxer (D) U.S. Senator from California is trying to get legislation through that would allow the Israeli government to keep up its bigoted, hateful, and racist apartheid. The bill that public servant Bigot Boxer is trying to get through the United States Congress is Senate Bill S.462 or better known as the United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2013. This bill would allow Israel to enter the program that 37 other countries enjoy which allows both American and member nation citizens to enter each other’s countries without a visa, what makes this bill not only bad legislation, but it would allow Israel to keep up its apartheid state against those if feels are a “threat” to their national security; namely any American citizen of Palestinian decent, a pro-Palestine activist, or Americans who practice Islam. This is the most blatant and disgusting bigoted discriminatory piece of legislation; legislation that allows Israel to openly discriminate against the race, religious practice, and or political stance of Americans, something that is illegal and unconstitutional.

Are we really shocked at what public servant Boxer is trying to do to this wonderful Constitutional Republic? After all she also voted with Dianne Feinstein to ban “assault riffles” and limit our second amendment rights. Now public servant Boxer has shown her real character, she has chosen to put her name on a bill that openly allows Israel to discriminate against Americans who are Palestinian, Muslim, or are pro-Palestine. In America, this would be against the law, but public servant Barbara Boxer is telling the American people that she has chosen to side with a foreign country over our Constitutional Republic that she swore an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution from enemies both foreign (Israel in this case) and domestic.

The History of FBI Staged Terror Attacks

Many will say that I am crazy, a member of the aluminum hat crowd, and bloody conspiracy theorist; the only problem is that I don’t deal with just theories, I believe in getting at the truth no matter what rabbit hole it takes me down. Just to have a little bit of FBI history, go to the following link to start your own research. Do not listen to myself, the FBI, Obama, MSNBC et al, but rather do you own research, if you don’t then you will be one of those who will be caught with your pants down, just like those in charge of the latest “terror” attack in Boston.

NY Times: ‘FBI Staged Terror Attacks’

Can Our Government Actually Turn On Us?

Many today are still in the dark about many of the workings of our current and past administrations. After the terrible bombing at the Boston Marathon this last week, many have tried to say that the bombing were an inside job. I was having a conversation with my youngest son on this matter, and he brought up some good points to be sure, but the one thing he wrote that made me think about what he wrote; we can’t trust anyone today, so how can we know for sure?

This is a great question that seems to be on the minds of many, especially my son’s generation. How can we know what the truth is on a given matter? Well as I told him, it is all about looking beyond the sound bites on the six o’clock news, or something that you heard from a friend who’s friend’s friend told them. We can just rely on hearsay or one source, we need to be willing to do our homework, research the facts, then make a well researched decision on what the facts present.

Was the Boston Marathon bombing an inside job? Would our public servants go so far as to actually blow up their own people for some nefarious purpose? I can say that the U.S. Government in the past has been caught doing so, and when the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy broke, there was a lot of story changes, not only at the beginning, but also all throughout the week until two suspects were apprehended, one dead the other in serious condition; let us not forget the Gulf of Tonkin which we know was government ran to get us into war. Do the research, then respond to the facts. 

Public Servant Jeffery Denham (R) Voted To Thwart 4th Amendment!

The House of Representatives voted to pass the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) for the second time, now the bill goes to the Senate for a vote. According to ZDnet, “The Bill was passed 288-127 in favor of the Bill after two days of debate and discussion on the House floor. Only 18 members of the House abstained from the vote.” (ZDnet)

The CISPA bill will, ” allow private sector firms to search personal and sensitive user data of ordinary U.S. residents to identify “threat information,” which can then be shared with other opt-in firms and the U.S. government — without the need for a court-ordered warrant.” (ZDnet 4/18/2013) This will allow our public servants to avoid the need for a U.S. Constitutional 4th amendment warrant, by pass judiciary review.

According to Dave Maass and Mark M. Jaycox, writers for the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( in an article dated April 18,2013, “For the second year in a row,  the House voted to approve CISPA, a bill that would allow companies to bypass all existing privacy law to spy on communications and pass sensitive user data to the government.  EFF condemns the vote in the House and vows to continue the fight in the Senate.” (

Jeff Denham, 10th District U.S. Congressman from California, has voted for the CISPA bill twice. This last session on the CISPA bill was debated and then passed. Congressman Jeff Denham is a supporter of veterans and as public servant Denham states on his many websites, “I hire vets” is a bit of a challenge for public servant Denham. Many of his own constituents have conveyed to public servant Denham that they did not want him voting on CISPA; of course it fell on deaf ears.


Building A Local Publication

Many of us are not always thrilled with the news we get from our local papers like the Modesto Bee, Merced Sun Star to name a few. It seems that no matter what local paper we read, the stories all seem to be the same. The Cdar Site is set up to be a local news source that covers what affects us in the Republic of California.