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The Kingdom of God Suffers Violence, The Violent Take It By Force

The Season for boys to become men, and girls to become women is upon us. There is nothing more important right now than to live, pray, and have our lives set ablaze for the Kingdom of God. No more games, no more playing one foot in and one foot out. You either serve your Father in Heaven, or you serve your father the devil.

There is only one Way, one Truth, and One Life, and that is only found in Christ Jesus the Son of the Living God, full of grace and truth. There is One Church, One Holy Baptism, One Lord Who is above all. The time for niceties, for worrying about what others think, and most of all, for us to be silent is no more. America is on a crash course with hell, and it is heading there with a vengeance. If your family, friends and neighbors were in a house on fire, or about to drive over a bridge you know has been washed out, you are going to try and yank them out of the fire. You are not going to sit idly by and do nothing; if you did you would have their blood on your hands.

The message of the Cdar Site is for those who claim to follow Christ, who use His Holy Name to say the are His and His alone. This is a calling to men and women to set aside their selfish spiritual pride, and to realize that in order for Americans to be truly free, they must first repent of their wicked way. “If my people who are called by my Name humble themselves, and turn from their wicked ways, I will turn to them and heal their land.” Get it?

Is Christ Divided or can two walk together unless they agree?

If there is only one Church, and there is a Baptist church; one is authentic, the other an impostor, or visa versa, or all of above. The Cdar Site is not your typical newspaper religious section where you the reader get to have a lot of opinion and presumptive private interpretations, but all not willing to speak the honest truth about the Way. The Cdar Site has one vision and mission, to bring back authentic Christianity into the forefront where the wisest answer to today’s challenges are offered through adult conversation.

I am the editor and chief (sinner) of the Cdar Site, and I hope to provoke you into good religion; found fully and only in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church better known today as Holy Orthodoxy.


Editor/Chief (sinner)

Investigative Journalist