Barbara “The Bigot” Boxer Trying To Pass Racist Legislation!

Public Servant Barbara Boxer (D) U.S. Senator from California is trying to get legislation through that would allow the Israeli government to keep up its bigoted, hateful, and racist apartheid. The bill that public servant Bigot Boxer is trying to get through the United States Congress is Senate Bill S.462 or better known as the United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2013. This bill would allow Israel to enter the program that 37 other countries enjoy which allows both American and member nation citizens to enter each other’s countries without a visa, what makes this bill not only bad legislation, but it would allow Israel to keep up its apartheid state against those if feels are a “threat” to their national security; namely any American citizen of Palestinian decent, a pro-Palestine activist, or Americans who practice Islam. This is the most blatant and disgusting bigoted discriminatory piece of legislation; legislation that allows Israel to openly discriminate against the race, religious practice, and or political stance of Americans, something that is illegal and unconstitutional.

Are we really shocked at what public servant Boxer is trying to do to this wonderful Constitutional Republic? After all she also voted with Dianne Feinstein to ban “assault riffles” and limit our second amendment rights. Now public servant Boxer has shown her real character, she has chosen to put her name on a bill that openly allows Israel to discriminate against Americans who are Palestinian, Muslim, or are pro-Palestine. In America, this would be against the law, but public servant Barbara Boxer is telling the American people that she has chosen to side with a foreign country over our Constitutional Republic that she swore an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution from enemies both foreign (Israel in this case) and domestic.


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