Public Servant Jeffery Denham (R) Voted To Thwart 4th Amendment!

The House of Representatives voted to pass the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) for the second time, now the bill goes to the Senate for a vote. According to ZDnet, “The Bill was passed 288-127 in favor of the Bill after two days of debate and discussion on the House floor. Only 18 members of the House abstained from the vote.” (ZDnet)

The CISPA bill will, ” allow private sector firms to search personal and sensitive user data of ordinary U.S. residents to identify “threat information,” which can then be shared with other opt-in firms and the U.S. government — without the need for a court-ordered warrant.” (ZDnet 4/18/2013) This will allow our public servants to avoid the need for a U.S. Constitutional 4th amendment warrant, by pass judiciary review.

According to Dave Maass and Mark M. Jaycox, writers for the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( in an article dated April 18,2013, “For the second year in a row,  the House voted to approve CISPA, a bill that would allow companies to bypass all existing privacy law to spy on communications and pass sensitive user data to the government.  EFF condemns the vote in the House and vows to continue the fight in the Senate.” (

Jeff Denham, 10th District U.S. Congressman from California, has voted for the CISPA bill twice. This last session on the CISPA bill was debated and then passed. Congressman Jeff Denham is a supporter of veterans and as public servant Denham states on his many websites, “I hire vets” is a bit of a challenge for public servant Denham. Many of his own constituents have conveyed to public servant Denham that they did not want him voting on CISPA; of course it fell on deaf ears.



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