Can Our Government Actually Turn On Us?

Many today are still in the dark about many of the workings of our current and past administrations. After the terrible bombing at the Boston Marathon this last week, many have tried to say that the bombing were an inside job. I was having a conversation with my youngest son on this matter, and he brought up some good points to be sure, but the one thing he wrote that made me think about what he wrote; we can’t trust anyone today, so how can we know for sure?

This is a great question that seems to be on the minds of many, especially my son’s generation. How can we know what the truth is on a given matter? Well as I told him, it is all about looking beyond the sound bites on the six o’clock news, or something that you heard from a friend who’s friend’s friend told them. We can just rely on hearsay or one source, we need to be willing to do our homework, research the facts, then make a well researched decision on what the facts present.

Was the Boston Marathon bombing an inside job? Would our public servants go so far as to actually blow up their own people for some nefarious purpose? I can say that the U.S. Government in the past has been caught doing so, and when the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy broke, there was a lot of story changes, not only at the beginning, but also all throughout the week until two suspects were apprehended, one dead the other in serious condition; let us not forget the Gulf of Tonkin which we know was government ran to get us into war. Do the research, then respond to the facts. 


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